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Audio Balance Leans Left

Tried on multiple devices and headphones. The app sends audio through the left channel about 50% louder than the right channel and is incredibly irritating because there is no balance option. How do you create a radio app and overlook this issue? Otherwise the app is pretty well-made.

Other stations ?

Works well and is to the point, but I'm somewhat surprised there isn't an option to listen to the other KBIA stations. Classical 90.5 is having a pledge drive right now and I'd think it would help to increase people hearing it if it was part of this app or had its own app.

Does not work

The audible function on this app does not work. It did not work on a previous version either. I try to listen to the stream and it works for about 30 seconds then stops for about 5 seconds. Then the cycle is repeated. This occurs on several devices. When I listen to KBIA using iTunes Radio there is no issues. So I don't believe it is a connection issue. Just a poorly designed app.


This app does not work at all. Where are the IT wizards of the University of Missouri?

Great app

So convenient...

Good app

As both a resident of Columbia and an NPR fan, this app allows me to listen anywhere I have wifi. The recent update has fixed issues with iOS 4.

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